Brain power

Researching Emily Bronte's creativity, we came across this;

In a 2009 study, scientists made two groups of mice swim a water maze, and then in a separate trial subjected them to an unpleasant stimulus to see how quickly they would learn to move away from it. Then, over the next four weeks they allowed one group of mice to run inside their rodent wheels, an activity most mice enjoy, while they forced the other group to work harder on minitreadmills at a speed and duration controlled by the scientists. They then tested both groups again to track their learning skills and memory. Both groups of mice improved their performances in the water maze from the earlier trial. But only the extra-worked treadmill runners were better in the avoidance task, a skill that, according to neuroscientists, demands a more complicated cognitive response.

Feel a bit sorry for the mice, but it is interesting to ponder how this might or might not apply to humans going to the gym. After a boring treadmill run, do our brains work better? Maybe only if we do a swim in a water-maze. And eat cheese.

With luck, this neuro-science will help us make a film explaining Wuthering Heights.

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