16th Century Scottish Politics - who needs focus groups?

When Mary Queen of Scots reigned, she was surrounded by perhaps the most manipulative, self-serving, ruthless group of advisers since, well - John Major's "bastards" of Maastricht days. This was an era when families, as opposed to nation states, ruled Europe. Child marriages secured alliances, and it was not unusual to end a day's arguing with political opponents by arranging for one's own particular private army (or 'kinsmen') to pay a call on your opponent's house after dark where they would dispatch said person. Or maybe just burn the place down. The Mafia? Kindergarten stuff, compared to Darnley, Moray, Morton, Bothwell, Hamilton, Balfour, etc - all nobles with a vicious intent. The National Museum of Scotland are staging a major exhibition this summer, and we are working with Tigershark to produce two films that will be part of the show and help bring this amazing period of UK history to life. Researching, writing, storylining are all part of the service we provide - but most marketing and publicity material has a far lower mortality rate..

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