Easter - eggsactly

While Media Training executives of a large confectionery firm recently, we were staggered to hear just how much business is done over the Easter weekend. We are all used to hearing the High Street (remember that?) relies upon us all going mad over the run-up to Christmas, but Easter is as big : we're talking everything from fashion, clothing, gardening, decorating, holidaying /booking hols, moving house, to eating chocolate. As part of the training, we researched the way competitors had designed their own brands, and how the industry was preceived overall. At the end of it all, we had learnt a ton about the business of our client, and managed to make the training a load more relevant than might have been otherwise the case. We note that our client has now begun a shift into a different area of the market, but continue to find sales growth a challenge. Having said that, they've had some excellent PR and media coverage - which is pleasing to hear.

Happy Easter!

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