Website secrets - you can see round corners with PRISM

The news that the NSA in America is 'routinely' monitoring the world's emails, texts, social media use, etc comes as no real surprise. Uploading personal information is just so much the norm, either when joining a club, getting a quote for car insurance, buying a train ticket, or overtly through social media, blogs, and chat rooms. This has resulted in so much data going online (heard of a yottabyte? You will) that confidentiality was always going to be hit. We are researching a global marketing and information capture system for a client with business interests in China, India, Pakistan, West Africa and South America. This is a 'mobile first' website - designed for viewing and access via mobile phone rather than laptop / PC - and would reach the millions of potential customers who may live in areas without comms infrastructure (power and roads are rare), but who can charge a mobile. Our job is to look at the technology, advise on how much to spend, help create the content / website and manage any security challenges. Hmm. After the story revealed by Edward Snowden, am not sure that last one is quite so easy - anybody fancy taking on GCHQ, NSA and the big five Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Google?

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