Blackrod's Garden Entrance and Syria

Syria Symposium - an evening at the House of Lords with Save the Children

Losing the invitation didn't help, but the large police sergeant at Blackrod's Garden Entrance, did.

A check on the invitation list, brief scrutiny of my ID, and a further chat with the Save the Children lady with a clipboard, followed by a bomb-check and X-Ray, and I found myself walking across a gloomy echoing courtyard into a high-level briefing on Syria.

About a hundred people were there, and the speakers were the A team: Humanitarian Director, Gareth Owen OBE, quite riveting, as was Karl Sharro, writer, architect and expert on Middle East. Also there, Natasha Kaplinsky, TV celebrity who works with StC as an Ambassador, and spoke with sensitivity and understanding of the issues. There were former ambassadors, business people and clerics with years of experience of Syria and the region, generally, sprinkled through the audience. The Q+A was revelatory.

The Thames slid past outside, but we were hooked...

What happens next -

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