Primary School Competition

We are on with a film about a primary school in Bradford. It's a big school - 400 odd - and is truly multi-cultural (ie diverse pupil population) and thriving. Outstanding OFSTED reports and all that, plus regular inter-faith sessions, community awareness days etc. It is over-subscribed for the next few years. So why would the head teacher and her team decide they need a marketng film? Well, many reasons of course but one in particular stands out: people carriers. Yes, the 7 seater models, beloved of big families everywhere. In Bradford mums and dads are as keen as any to reduce the hassle of getting kids to school, and the chance of reducing the number of drop-offs and collects is highly attractive. So the arrival of a new (commercially-orientated) school down the road, with an intake aged 2 to 18, and easy parking, will make big waves and could damage our client..Parents will switch to save time on the school-run. Ofsted? Mixed and harmonious school population? Brilliant track record? Er, not important when there's easy parking and time to be saved. This is the same process that has drained shops away and brought retail parks and hypermarkets. Ease of access, good parking were the key factors. So, Education, the new Retail choice.

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