Poor Deal project - filming every aspect of the story

First post in months, here's why.. Gaining access to the most vulnerable and, in many cases, most mis-represented members of the community has involved us in many weeks of negotiations and several reconnaissance missions. As our current filming involves showing what one northern city is doing to provide healthcare and support to people who are on the edge, we had expected to film on the streets, in clinics, at the hospitals, in condemned buildings, etc etc. We had not expected two of the people whose lives we had begun to follow to die in the space of a few days. We knew they were ill, but had no idea how ill, a toxicologist and a pathologist are due to report on the likely causes of these two un-connected deaths. The support workers are more used to this than film-makers, but even they have been shocked and saddened by the last few weeks' events. News that a further two vulnerable people died in what appears to have been violent circumstances (a murder investigation is underway) over the last month, serves only to emphasize how much a filmed record of 'life at the bottom' is needed.

Let's hope the pilot gets a full commission.

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